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RIP Djovany Massego –

RIP Djovany Massego –

RIP Djovany Massego –

RIP Djovany Massego –

RIP Djovany Massego –

- Art Walker Collection

In loving memory of Djovany Massego.

Djovany was born with a genetic blood disease called Sickle Cell Anemia. Sickle Cell is a deadly disease which causes many painful symptoms. Throughout his life and under the care of his doctors, he fought this battle with determination, positivity and courage. It has been a year since Djovany’s passing, we took our time to mourn over his untimely death.

Djovany also known as ‘Fire’ was loved by many people all around the world. You could always count on him for a smile, support and a good time. His ambition, drive to succeed and influence will live on forever. He inspired many people and his legacy will never be forgotten.

He has helped and supported many creatives, including myself along his inspiring journey. If it wasn’t for Djovany and his effortless way of motivating you, we as a brand wouldn’t have come this far yet.

Djovany was only 28 years old, he came up from nothing to something all within such a short amount of time. He peacefully passed away on 27th March 2021. We miss his energy and presence in our lives and within our culture very much.

These products are part of a non-profit project, we will donate 50% of the proceeds to the Massego family. The other half will be invested back into the production and shipping. We would greatly appreciate it if you help and contribute to keeping his spirit and everything he stood for alive.

We are grateful to count on your support.

RIP Djovany Massego aka ‘Fire’
“Art Walker” A Tribute To FireSkyHighFly  – Now Available!

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