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blacklisted label

blacklisted label

blacklisted label

blacklisted label

blacklisted label

For those who define their own rules!

Blacklisted Label is the art label for our clothing. We implement our philosophy of 13+31 into our creations, from the prints to the apparel.

The desire to design and produce clothing has always been there. As a creative brand we've always worked in and around the fashion scene. Clothing was actually one of the first things on our to do list, we can't be more grateful that it's finally here.


Blacklisted tells a story for the souls that find the strength to stay authentic in a world consumed by empty noise, unspoken pressure and a constant race for social approval. For those who step fully into the raw, authentic version of themselves and challenge the societal constructs and ideals that are so strongly perpetuated within our culture.


With Blacklisted, we want to build a connection between all of us, all souls, with the art apparel we create. Piece by piece. Wearing an item means you’re wearing and telling a story. Collections will be limited and depending on the item, availability will vary from 13 or 31 each.

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