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Exhibition – Nocturnal

Exhibition – Nocturnal

Exhibition – Nocturnal

Exhibition – Nocturnal

Exhibition – Nocturnal

An ode to the night..

For this series we tried to expand our mixed media style and decided to collaborate with Lithuanian painter Daumantas Ercmonas, also known as ‘Daumie’. Inspired by our photography, Daumie created an unique 1 of 1 painting for each photo.

We’ve also collaborated together with Amsterdam based creative community sQuare and cultural hotspot Tolhuistuin to showcase our latest series.

Because of the c-19 measurements we agreed to present our work behind the windows of Tolhuistuin. The idea was that when you go for a walk or pass by the building you could still get introduced to new art.

Amsterdam’s largest local newspaper featured us in an online article:

Artist Statement:
When it gets dark there is a silence for a moment. The moon brings peace and energy to everyone’s life. The night connects us. There is a moment of realization. We realize how small we really are and how infinite the universe is when the stars reveal themselves to us.

The moon glows red as a call to use this time as an emotional reset, a time of reflection. A sign to bring a deeper understanding within ourselves and raise our minds to the highest power. It is not a signal for the end of the world, but rather the end of a way of being and the end of a cycle. It is the beginning of something new, something that has risen from the ashes.

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