The Creative Vision of 13+31

“The art to perceive everything with a positive view, but to embrace the negative as well.”

The concept of 13+31 arose from splits in different perspectives. The process of going through darkness and the experience of exponential growth afterwards.

Expressing Balance Through Art

Duality is seen in all aspects of life and is translated through our art.  With photography as our main tool for our creations, our art is showcased in a surreal style and combined with mixed media elements.

13+31 symbolises balance and equality within yourself and your surroundings. It is the art to perceive everything with a positive view, but to embrace the negative as well. Our goal is to make the masses more aware of the power each individual holds by shining light on the shadows of the human race. We try to beat the stigma and taboo around mental health with the messages we convey.

As Above – So Below | As Within – So Without

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Staying Authentic &
Building Connections

Blacklisted Label is the art label for our clothing. We implement our philosophy of 13+31 into our creations, from the prints to the apparel.

Blacklisted tells a story for the souls that find the strength to stay authentic in a world consumed by empty noise, unspoken pressure and a constant race for social approval.
For those who step fully into the raw, authentic version of themselves and challenge the societal constructs and ideals that are so strongly perpetuated within our culture.

The root of all suffering in this world is disconnection and detachment. From truth, from each other and from our inner selves. With Blacklisted, we want to build a connection between all of us, all souls, with the art apparel we create. Piece by piece. Wearing an item means you’re wearing and telling a story.

Collections will be limited and depending on the item, availability will vary from 13 or 31 each.

Rocky Khedoe

Creator of quality designs and thinker of fresh ideas.

13+31 started as a signature brand of Amsterdam based visual artist Rocky Khedoe. The brand has now grown into a creative platform that merges art, design, music, fashion and together forms an interdisciplinary whole.

Rocky creates concepts and puts together campaigns that tell a profound story to the viewer. All inspired by different aspects of life, all that has an up and down, a bad and a good side. The final product is a combination of elements that compliment each other exquisitely.

What I Do
  • Photoshop
  • Photography
  • Cinematography
  • Graphic Design
  • Spokenword
  • Art Direction
  • Content Creation
  • Concept Development
  • Branding & Strategy
  • Marketing

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